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¡´Respect and Responsiblity

¡´Creativity and problem solving abliity

¡´Honor and honesty

Mission and Goals

The school curriculum is designed by all teachers in all learning areas: Chinese, mathematics, social studies, English, science, art, P.E., computer science and music. The well-structured and sequential curriculum ensures all students acquire essential academic skills before they graduate. We have a good reputation of student achievement in music, language education, and art. Individual and various programs are provided to meet each child¡¦s special needs. We believe that no child should be left behind.

?The mission for all teachers, besides enriching student intellectual and knowledge progress, is to create a secure and joyful learning environment for all children. The classrooms are student-centered and dynamic. The school encourages and helps teachers to improve their professional ability by implementing further study, action research, and pedagogical innovation.
Parent involvement and participation in a variety of school activities, is a significant factor of a successful school. The school and parents work together closely to bring positive outcomes, and successes in all areas. Also, the school establishes a rapport with the neighborhood to gain resource and support from the community.

Future goals

  1. Develop confident , caring, and optimistic students?
  2. Create warm and secure environment for all children
  3. Encourage teachers developing personal and professional growth
  4. Involve parents¡¦ participation and coordination
  5. Build a close connection and interaction with the community ?

The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Chengchi University
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