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Brief History  

With a history for more than four decades, the school has served the NCCU faculty, staff and the community since 1960.Though the Elementary School is not in the campus of NCCU, as its close relationship with NCCU in operation, so is its location. Most of the students are from the families of NCCU faculty and staff, and about 1/3 of all from the community.

The school is located on the foot of Zhi-nan Mountain, on the bank of Jing-mei River.With a 5-minute walk distance to NCCU campus, students have access to the rich resources of the university. Besides, the Taipei City Zoo is also just a short distance away.
The founding principal is Qi Zshi-xian, who was succeeded by our devoted former principals. The current principal, Mr.Tsai Chi-Huo continues to give his best to lead the school since August, 2006.

The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Chengchi University
Address¡G NO.12,Sec.3,ZhiNan Rd.,Wenshan District,Taipei City 11605,Taiwan(R.O.C)
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